Why Students or Working Professionals (UAE) Need Health Insurance?

In the industry of medical or healthcare department, in this current timeline, you can find United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the finest healthcare infrastructure. Healthcare system is one of the fundamental importance of that country. UAE is able to provide its citizens a high level of healthcare due to its health insurance policies. And for expatriates who lives in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, health insurance coverage is a necessary initiative. Thus, the UAE government has decided to improve its healthcare system by 2021. So if you are thinking about moving to UAE, you should have least worry about its healthcare system.

Key drivers of health insurance market in UAE

  • Massive growth in the country’s economic diversification.
  • Continuous growth in the country’s inward migration.
  • Rise in per capita health expenditure.
  • Rise in medical tourism department.
  • Increase in the occurrence of lifestyle diseases.
  • Inflation of medical premiums along with rise in costs of medical expense as residents prefer specialists more than general practitioner.

Mandatory health insurance in UAE

You heard that right, in UAE, having a healthcare coverage is compulsory. If you are an employee, then your employer is supposed to provide you with a private health insurance coverage. Private health insurance is expensive in UAE, but its high quality care compensates the high cost. If you wish for a UAE residency visa, you must have proof of health insurance policy.

Regarding the payment of both public and private health insurance services, the expatriates has to pay for both unlike the Emirati nationals. Normally, the health/medical insurance coverage is included in the employee’s salary package itself as provided by the employer. The coverage amount depends on the employee’s salary, designation, age, etc.

  • Dubai: It is mandatory for employers to get medical insurance for their employees, but the cover of his dependents do not follow. The emirate of Dubai also offers a health insurance programme for its citizens called as Saada. It is only for those who are not covered under any government health programme.
  • Abu Dhabi: It is a must for the employers to get health insurance coverage for their employees along with cover of his four dependents (spouse, and children of not more than 18 years of age). The included cover of dependents is only for Emirati nationals, not the expatriates. Above that, the nationals who live there gets full medical coverage under the “Thiqa programme” provided by the Abu Dhabi Government.
  • Sharjah and Northern Emirates: Here, the employers are not bound to provide any medical insurance to employees. But, government employees benefit from the general medical cover.

If the employer does not provide any health insurance coverage, then you can apply for health card which also provides basic healthcare coverage. But for expats, it would be a wise decision to have health card along with your health insurance.

UAE offers you with various health insurance plans which are fairly standard for both Emirati nationals and expatriates. Those plans are mainly of four types: traveller plans, group plans, family plans, and individual health insurance plans.

Benefits of health insurance coverage in UAE

  • Since health insurance coverage is a legal requirement in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the highest merit is to not pay any high amount of monthly fine.
  • You will get access to finest medical institutions which are highly equipped and well-staffed by doctors.
  • Your pre and post hospitalization charges will be included in the insurance plan itself up to a limited period.
  • Since the insurance providers and hospitals have collaborations, you can enjoy benefits of cashless treatment.
  • The insured individual is excused from any transportation cost of an ambulance, in short, ambulance charges are waived.
  • The insured will also get a No Bonus Claim or NCB if he /she does not file any claim for medical treatment.
  • The expenses of the room used by insured will be added in the coverage itself depending upon the premium paid.
  • Corresponding health check-up options are also available to the insured which further depends on the previous No Bonus Claim amount. Although it is covered under the insurance plan, not all insurance providers offer this option.

Reasons to get health insurance in UAE

In today’s trend, students and working professionals are travelling and moving to UAE to pursue their dreams. For them, in order to obtain a UAE residency visa, they need to have a health insurance coverage. Along with that, they can also avail high benefits from private medical centres.

In general, having individual health insurance in UAE is advantageous for the students and working professionals.

  • Medical emergencies costs will be met such as medical evacuation, dental issues, etc.
  • Coverage of non-medical emergency like study interruptions, loss of passport or baggage, etc.
  • Personal liability benefits such as accidental lawsuit against you for property damage.