Which is the Best Body Weight Machine?

Keeping track of your body weight is mandatory to identify the fitness level you are present. This is where a body weight machine comes to help out. This is a simple device which shows your weight. There is no doubt that you want the best one out there. But to find the right one, below are some factors that you need to consider before buying one.


Depending on the display and working mechanisms, they get classified into 3 types.

  1. Analog – the operation depends on a spring mechanism. These don’t require any power to operate. But over time, the machine gives inaccurate readings.
  2. Digital – these are known for their accuracy. They do require batteries for operation, and the values are in number format.
  3. Bluetooth enabled digital scales – this type connects to your phones via Bluetooth and helps you to keep track of your weight.

Weighing Scale


Generally, the weight capacity of the devices is 120-150 kgs. But if you want a scale that can show more than 250 kg, go for a heavy-duty unit.


The analogue type wears out with time, and you might get inaccurate readings years later. Digital one can provide you with accurate readings as long as they have their batteries working properly.


Check whether the body material is durable or not. Try to avoid plastic scales because they can break easily. Experts recommend going for tempered glass because of their sturdy nature.


When you want to get a personal body weight machine, then you need to look into this feature. This feature makes using this machine more safe. Otherwise, many accidents can occur, especially if you have older people in the house.


Some models require manual turn on/off while others need a little tap or click. Based on your preference, you can search from the variety of models out there.

Backlit Display

If you are planning to use this in your bathroom, the lighting will not be sufficient to read the values. To help in scenarios like these, the backlit display got invented. Even in dark conditions, you can get your weight measured.

Multi-User Memory Capacity

Some models have internal or cloud-based memory to store the values for both single and multiple users. This feature can help you to track your weight gain or loss, and make the needed changes to your fitness regime.

Extra Measurements

The basic type of this machine can only check the weight. But some models can do more than that. You can calculate lean muscle mass and body fat to determine how fit you are.


The size and functionality of the machine determine the cost of it. Models of the higher price range will have more features added to them. But just because a model is costly doesn’t mean it is of superior quality. So check before you buy one.


Searching for the best bodyweight machine is not a hard task. With the above factors, make your search an easy and stress-free one.