Which Guitar is Best for Beginners in India?

Choosing a good guitar can be stressful with a load of options available in the market. But if you are a beginner who is entirely new to the music world, then those options can overwhelm you. To help you buy the best one, below are some high-rated models that are beginner-friendly.

Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

This is one of 7 models in the same series by Yamaha. The body has a dreadnought cutaway with spruce top and meranti back. The top has a black plastic pickguard, and the body’s finish is gloss. The guitar’s bridge has a belly shape made of rosewood. There is no pickups, preamps, or electronics in the guitar. The guitar’s neck has nato wood. The fingerboard comes with 20 frets and has the material rosewood.

It has a truss rod for easy tuning and comes with a warranty.


Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitar

This is a model which is quite similar to Yamaha F310, but they differ in the stylish cut edge. The material at the top is spruce, and for back&sides it is meranti. The total length is 25 inches with a nut width of 1.6 inches. The fretboard has rosewood, and the number of frets this model has is 20. The sound of this model makes it on par with expensive equipment.

Fender CD-60 Acoustic Guitar

When you hear the brand name Fender, you know they are all about quality. The body of the guitar has a dreadnought style, and the finish is glossy. The top has laminated spruce, and back and sides have laminated mahogany. The neck region is made of nato wood. The size of the guitar is 25.3 inches and has 20 frets. Because of its superior design, the tones are clear and sweet.

Fender FA-125 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

This is another great guitar for beginners with a good price range. The shape of the body is a dreadnought with laminated spruce at the top and laminated basswood at the back and sides. The type of finish in the body is gloss. Rosewood is mainly used for the fretboard. The number of frets is 20, and the total length is 25.3 inches.

This model can give you dynamic play ability and gives a beautiful traditional look.

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar

It may look like this article is all about Yamaha, but the truth is they are extremely good for beginners. This is for those who want an affordable classical guitar. They are perfect for students who are completely new to playing music. The model has a nut width of 2 inches to allow you to learn the proper classical guitar finger techniques. The top has spruce wood which gives a bright and lively sound. The bridge and fingerboard have real rosewood.

This model of the guitar will provide you with excellent value for money and is an ideal one for beginners. The only downside is that the binding is not good.

The bottom line

As you can see, even the beginners’ model has several features and designs to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. Make sure to research before you buy a guitar.