When Is It Safe for Baby to Sleep with a Blanket?

Looking at your little bundle of joy all alone in the big crib might give you heartache. With no pillows or blankets present inside the crib, you may get worried whether the baby gets cold. To reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), doctors recommend that babies should not sleep blankets, pillows, and toys.

With that being said, new parents must understand why using blankets are dangerous and when to use them. This article will discuss and help you to know them.

Are blankets dangerous for babies?

To search out every little harm or risk for the babies is a tiresome commitment which new parents are quite glad to do. From bedding concerns to swaddling dangers, you will be in a whole new world of worries.

Blankets, pillows, and other stuff inside the crib are causes for the occurrence of SIDS. These items can suffocate the baby and that’s why doctors advice not to have anything until they are a year old.

Baby to Sleep with a Blanket

When to use blankets?

After one year, the risks related to SIDS starts to reduce but not entirely. Each child is unique and develops at their own speed. So, use blankets for baby when they have developed motor skills to the level where they can move around and pull things on or off freely. This occurs between 1 and 2 age.

The main use of a blanket is to provide warmth. But if your child is cold before reaching this milestone, you can swaddle them or put them in a sleep sack. On the other hand, if they are ready for blankets then ensure that it is not heavy and thick.

Safety tips for using blankets

Even if your child has crossed the one-year milestone, safety during sleeping is essential. Below are some of the safety practices for safe and happy sleep of the baby.

  • Be mindful

Children can get harmed in one way or another. Even after they change into big kids’ bed with cosy blankets, you still need to be diligent about their safety. For children under 3 years of age, thick blankets and pillows without zip-close are unsafe.

  • Limit cluttering of crib

If you plan to keep toys and blankets inside the crib for the baby, make sure that the crib is not cluttered. A thin blanket with 1-2 stuffies is good to go.

  • Use lovies

Lovies are nothing but thin cloth blankets for the babies. They can help you to introduce larger blankets as the child gets older. They can give comfort without being a risk. Just keep an eye on the baby when you use it for a couple of days.

The bottom line

Almost all blankets look super comfy but they can also be dangerous for a baby in a crib. So, before you add anything to the baby’s sleeping space check whether its safe or not. As a parent, you need to ensure that the baby is safe and comfortable. And the decision of giving a blanket to the baby is eventually yours to make.