What Size Monitor is Best for Office Work?

There would be no offices without a computer and it has become one of the most essential parts of an office or a business establishment. As the demand has increased, so does the number of models available.

When it comes to the office, a user or an employee could need a single monitor setup or a dual monitor setup. This depends entirely on the type of work he/she does. As the diversity of monitors available on the market has increased, it has become a challenging task to select the best monitor for office use. Here is a small guide, the could help you select the best size computer monitor for your office need.


  1. What kind of work?

The first and basic question you ask yourself is what kind of work needs to be done on your computer. Based on the type of work, your requirements would vary. If you are a creative professional working on 4K videos or 1440p images, then a monitor that could support 4K video or 1440p image should be chosen. Most commonly, a monitor of size 27-inches and above would suffice for such purpose. On the other hand, if you are working on simple work tools like Microsoft Office, skype, browser, YouTube, etc. a desktop monitor with a screen size below 27-inches would be the best.

  1. Single monitor setup or multiple monitor setup 

Yes, the requirements of a basic employee, an intermediate, or higher-level employee would be different. A high-level or intermediate level employee might require a multiple monitor setup to keep track of several information or data. In such cases, the number of monitors could range from two to more than three.

If you need a 2-monitor setup, then you should consider purchasing two 24-inch monitors. On the other hand, if you need 3 or more computer setup, 22-inch monitors would be the best option. When going for multiple monitor setup, it is always best to go for bezel-less displays.

  1. Work requires multiple monitor setup, but you do not want multiple monitors stacked up on your desk.

If you do not like 3 or 4 monitors stacked up on your desk, then you could go for larger monitors. Instead of two monitors, you could consider a 32-inch monitor. However, the resolution should be high for better clarity.

Remember, as the size of the screen increases, the price also increases, which might be impractical for standard office work.

  1. Standard office work ranging from using simple tools to high-end image and video editors-

If your office work ranges from simple to high-end, then it would not be practical to switch monitors, the best option is to go for a monitor that has a screens size between 24 and 30-inches. Remember, most of the monitors within this size range comes with a feature that enables the user to optimize the color clarity and resolution, which makes it easy for a user to work on simple and high-end projects.

Which monitor is the best, conclusion 

There is a specific screen size or model called office computer monitor, almost every computer monitor available on the market today could be used as office monitors. However, if the monitor screen size is not selected carefully, then you could end up having an annoying picture quality. Remember, high resolution in a small screen and lower resolution in a bigger screen are both annoying.