What are the requirements to become an Airhostess?

Most of the girls have a dream to become an air hostess and serve thousands of people who travel through flights. It is the most demanding profession that has gained good popularity in the present world. Most of the reputed and renowned flight companies prefer good and trained airhostess for their work.

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However, there are qualifications and qualities required to become a good and skilled airhostess. You should complete the course from some reputed institutions that have been serving students for a long period. Let us have a brief discussion about the basic requirements to become a good airhostess.

Balance between height and weight:

In order to become a good airhostess a girl should have a minimum height. It should range from 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 3 inches. On the other side, the weight should in appropriate with the height. Over weight of airhostess should not be ever entertained. The weight should be always maintained by the airhostess herself.

Smiling face:

An airhostess should always posses a smiling face. There may be many situations but she should handle each one of them with a smiling face. This is a very vital requirement for becoming an airhostess. At the same time, she should never lose her temperament. She should be always ready to face any situation.

Good eyesight:

A good airhostess should also have clear eyesight. If a airhostess puts a glass then it will be never entertained under any situation. If required she should always check the eyes on regular basis. It can help her to a good extent.

Soft voice:

When we enter a flight the first voice that is heard by a person is the voice of an airhostess. So, the voice of an airhostess should be soft and pleasant too. Harsh voice of airhostess will be never entertained by the flight company. If you are having any problem in your voice then the same should be checked by the airhostess on a prior basis.

Physically fit:

An airhostess should also be physically fit. She should not carry any type of diseases like HIV or any types of heart problems. If encountered with such problems it should be immediately checked by a good physician. It is very important that a person who will lead the whole journey should be medically fit under any situation.

Good communication skills:

Most of the girls during their airhostess training period are taught with good communication skills. This will help them to communicate with the passengers in a very easy way. You will find that almost all the airhostess have a wonderful communication skill. It is a mandatory one.

It has been seen in the present time, that the profession of airhostess is becoming quite important. Most of the people require a good flight attendant during their journey. No matter whether it is a small or a long journey, the airhostess is always ready to serve the passengers in the best possible manner. It is a very attractive profession.