What are the best affordable treadmills?

You might be aware that the treadmills are safe and ideal exercise equipment that you can have at your home. It can be used by your family members as well. There are different types of manual and motorized treadmills in the market. There are basic models as well as those that are loaded with features. You can achieve the benefits that exercising using treadmills can offer by going in for a budget-friendly treadmill.

Buying budget-friendly or affordable treadmills

Few factors that you have got to look out for even when you are looking for budget-friendly treadmills include

 Running surface

Running surface refers to the belt space that is available for walking or jogging. When the running surface is bigger, you would have enough space to complete your stride without having to shorten your stride while running. It is usually measured in terms of width X length. The ideal running surface is 20”x60”. This is comfortable for running as well as walking.


The motor strength is another important factor that you have to consider when you are looking for an affordable treadmill. Ensure that the treadmill motor power falls in the 2-0-4.0 CHP category. This would ensure that there is a proper balance between motor performance and power consumption ratio.


Consider treadmills with a warranty period of at least 1 year for the parts, 1-2 years for labour, and a lifetime warranty for motor and frame. Longer warranties are indicators of the manufacturer’s trust in the quality of the product.


This includes aspects such as quick touch buttons, Bluetooth connectivity, simple display, timer, etc. which makes it easy for you to use the treadmills.


Treadmill price more than 20,000 rs are better option to invest in India.

 Affordable treadmills you can access

  • Sole F63 Treadmill– This treadmill comes with a running surface of 20”X 60” and a 3.0CHP motor. The top speed of the treadmill is 12mph, and they have 15 incline levels. They come with a lifetime warranty for frame and motor and 3- year warranty for labour and 1- year warranty for parts.
  • Horizon Fitness 7.0AT Treadmill– the running space is 20”X 60” in this treadmill, and it has a 3.0CHP motor. The maximum speed is 12mph and 15% incline. An awesome warranty backs the product.
  • Proform 905 CST Treadmill– The running space is 20”60”. The treadmill features a 3CHP motor. It reaches and maintains 12mphspeed and has a maximum incline of 12%. It comes with a warranty that is similar to the other treadmills in the list.
  • NordicTrack T 7.5S Treadmill– This is a hi-tech treadmill with a running surface of 20”X 60” and a 3CHP motor. It reaches a speed of 12mph and inclines up to 12%. Warranties are similar to the other treadmills mentioned above.
  • Nordic Track T 6.5 S Treadmill– It has a running surface of 20”x 55” and a 2.6 CHP motor. The treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty for frame and 25 years warranty for the motor. You have 1- year warranty for parts and labour.

Budget-friendly does not necessarily mean buying treadmills that are bereft of special features. It refers to buying a treadmill that offers value for money.