Washing Machine Advantages and Disadvantages

For everything which we use there are some advantages as well as disadvantages attached to it. A washing machine is the one which is used for the convenience and washing the clothes at a faster speed. Earlier, the clothes are washed through the hand, which is a tedious task to do. Now almost in every house, there is a washing machine. In this, it not only helps in washing the cloth, but there is also a facility of drying it. So, almost the fabric gets dried up easily with this. At times, when the season is cold, then it could be convenient to dry the clothes in it, and with little air, it gets easily dried up.

There are various pros and cons related to the washing machine.


  • Saves time – Lot of time is being consumed in washing clothes by hand. With the washing machine, time is being saved, as one can load the clothes in the washing machine and can do other work with it. The machine will wash the clothes by themselves, and in the meantime, various household tasks could be easily managed.
  • Saves human energy – A lot of effort is required in washing the clothes by hand and could make anyone tiring. With the washing machine, it saves a lot of physical effort, which one puts for washing clothes by hand. If washing through hands, then the clothes need to scrub vigorously to remove the stains from it.
  • Washes clothes as per requirement – Different clothes have a different requirement, so there are different cycles as per the requirement of clothes. If the clothes are delicate, then the slow cycle could choose which washes clothes with delicacy. Similarly, if a hard wash is required, then choose a rough or heavy cycle for it. So, as per the requirement for clothes, it could be washed easily in a washing machine.


  • More use of detergent powder – In a washing machine, the detergent quantity required to wash the same number of clothes is more as compared to hand wash. Even in machines, the detergent used in machines is much expensive as compared to the bar of detergent. This increases the expense of having the detergent.
  • Additional electricity cost – As the machine works on electricity, so the consumption of electricity will increase and so the bill for electricity will also increase. As washing through the hand, there will be no expense that needs to be incurred on electricity. So, this could affect the budget of the home.
  • Requires more water – To wash the clothes in the washing machine, it requires a lot of water.

Washing machines have many advantages, along with the disadvantages. But it needs to be considered here that how much easier it makes life if it is being used for washing the clothes. It makes life so convenient and gives extra time to finish off other tasks along with washing clothes.