Top 5 Table Fan Brands in India

Modern lifestyles and inventions have given birth to various electronics. Gadgets and electronics have reduced our workload and have increased our comfort. One such appliance is a table fan. Usually, when it comes to cooling in summer people consider AC units and cooler. But a table fan is beneficial than other cooling appliances.

Top Selling Table Fan Brands in India

table fan

1. Usha table fan

The first brand that we would be considering today is the Usha table fan. Usha is an old brand and well known among consumers. Usha Maxx Air 400mm table fan is a top selling table fan model under this brand. Usha table fans are elegant in design that is aesthetically appealing. Usha mode table fans provide uniform oscillation, safety features, and minimal noise.

2. V – guard

The brand that we would be talking about is V – guard. This brand is popular and a common household name when it comes to electronics. V – guard lap breeze is a small and compact table fan. The fan comes with three-speed and a tilting option. V – guard table fans provide powerful RPM. Compact Usha table fans can be placed anywhere in the room and carried easily. Usha brand products provide a long life and they are an excellent option for regular usage.

3. Havells

The third brand that we are referring to in this article is Havells. This brand is known to manufacture and sell a quality home and kitchen appliances for years now. Havells brand table fans are excellent in design and they are available in colorful options. Havells table fan is made of good quality blades and plastic. The product uses less power consumption but some models of Havell fans are heavy.

4. Bajaj

The fourth brand in our list of top five table fan brands in India is Bajaj. The name bajaj has created unbeatable trust among consumers for its quality. Bajaj is yet another manufacturer that makes quality home appliances. Bajaj table fans are of unique design that complements home and office interiors. Bajaj fans are made of pp blades in aerodynamic style. These blades are light in weight and less corrosive.

5. Crompton

The last brand that we will be talking about in this article is the Crompton brand table fan. This type of fan provides a larger sweep area offering adequate airflow. Crompton table fan design is very simple but works well with any room. This brand fan is perfect for the prevention of shocks as they use high-quality plastic material in manufacturing the fans. Crompton brand table fan is easy to manufacture and control the speed as per the need of the customer.

In conclusion

Buying a table fan is practical as they are compact and can be moved anywhere. The top manufacturing table fan brands mentioned in this article will help you make an informed choice.