The Biography of Muhammad Ali Lakhani Shipping Professional in Dubai UAE

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani, born in Dubai into a respected family, is a certified Sailor, a Tech Guy and an Entrepreneur. Ali has family business dealing in the ship recycling industry worldwide, but he decided to make his career on his own way. To achieve all his goals, Ali Lakhani spent his teen years between the UAE, the United Kingdom, and the USA. After accomplishing his goals in the UK Ali moved back to the Emirates where he has been settled for the last 7 years.

His Career and Destiny

Muhammad Ali LakhaniIn his childhood, Muhammad Ali Lakhani had shown his capability in sports and when his father, Mr. Tahir Lakhani Dubai, noticed his potential in tennis and he stood by Ali to encourage & nurture his skills.

To polish his skills, Ali joined a rigorous training regime and spent his early years managing balance between school & training. At the time, Ali was honoured playing for the UAE National Team and decided to develop his skills on a bigger level so he went to the USA to be trained at Saddlebrook Tennis Academy in Florida.

Unfortunately Ali Lakhani met with an accident and got injured and had to give up his dream of playing international tennis. Are Instead of being disheartened he turned his sights on forming a career as a shipping professional.

Ali knew that to become a best entrepreneur, two things were necessary Р education and experience, so he moved to the UK to continue his education and became a graduate from Maritime Business & Law. After graduation, he was determined to gain experience first so he continued staying in London and joined a variety of multinational companies.

His Pursuit of Hobby

Despite being an entrepreneur, Ali simultaneously involved in technology and worked on his goals. He always followed his hobby to become an asset for society either his skill in tennis or technology. Like his father (Mr. Tahir Lakhani Dubai), he is also inspired to work for UAE which made him to work on specifically unmanned aerial vehicles which he builds and tests as a hobby.

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani has set up a goal of being able to integrate his hobby by providing drone solutions. This will be a solution where an additional service will be provided across the UAE ports with services ranging from aerial environmental & security surveillance to drone delivery services. Ali Lakhani hopes to be successful in his vision to help ports which will be a life achievement ever.