The Biography of Dr. Ali Riaz Malik Director and H.O.D of Indus Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan

In the department of medicine of Indus hospital Karachi, Dr. Ali Riaz Malik has been working for ten years as the director and H.O.D. He holds the responsibility for administering the patient and medicine department. The overall administration and health analysis by him have resulted in improved health of patients. A regular test is conducted for the patients to check their health conditions. Further, an assurance is given for the proper treatment of patients in the emergency departments such as I.P.D., O.P.D. and I.C.U.

Profession and Work History:

Before working in Indus hospital, Dr. Ali Riaz Malik worked as a senior consultant in the boulevard hospital. He served for so many years in the healthcare program of the hospital. The hospital greatly appreciated his service in the preventive healthcare program.

Ali Riaz Malik

In Karachi, for the department of health, he worked as a professor of medicine. All his achievements have been acknowledged and honored in the health field. He took great efforts and contributed so many things as a professor. In the renowned publications, the journal written by him on medicine was published. Even though he is a successful medical expert, he still guides many students in Karachi medical college. The students in the college learn many things and get complete support from Dr. Malik Ali Riaz.

Education and Private Life:

The date of birth of Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is 27-7-1978. He was born in Karachi city, and the father of Mr. Malik Ali Riaz served as a mechanical engineer in the military office. The family of Dr. Ali Riaz Malik owns a successful sugar refinery in the country. He went to the beacon school in Karachi, and for his higher studies in medicine, he went to Karachi University. Most of his educational courses were pursued in the Karachi city.

In Boston, 2013, he graduated from Harvard medical school, and he studied internal medicine there. In the year 2008, from the American heart association, he pursued the cardiac life support course. From the medical university of Karachi in the year 2009, Dr. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik completed his MBBS and M.D. degree. He is a very well known physician in an American college.

Hobby and Interest:

Dr. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik, apart from being an exceptional medical professional he is also a very popular philanthropist. He has participated and has taken many initiatives to conduct charitable programs for the well being of the people of the country. One of his noble charitable programs was to provide food for 1000 underprivileged people in the city. His main interest is to improve the life and living standards of the people. He is greatly interested in helping all the people in the country for a better future. His charitable projects include various infrastructural development programs for the country. Several projects, such as a smart city, a blue world city, and Bahria town, were constructed under his supervision.

Mr. Ali Riaz Malik loves cricket, and he fully supports the Pakistan cricket team. Therefore, one of his main hobbies is to watch live cricket matches. He also takes good care of his health by exercising daily.