Sonia Ali Instagram Star in Dubai – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details

Sonia Ali, the member of the Instagram Star, is a renowned celebrity who is a very popular celebrity for her beauty and lifestyle blogging style. In respect of her look among the media, Sonia has been compared to Kim Kardashian, an american business personality, actress and model.

Sonia Ali Before and After

Her journey with her achievement in young age

Sonia Ali was born on 30th December, 1994 in London, England. She completed most of her studies in the UK. Being a fashion lover, Sonia started doing modeling and writing blogs. She has been popular among people for her beauty tips and fashion style. Being a hard working woman, Sonia always managed to maintain balance between her education and passion, so she took admission in law in the UK. During her education she also kept working for her passion like to write blogs, to give tips for beauty which was favored by people most likely.

After completing her education, Sonia moved to Kuwait as most of her family and friends are setted over there. She spent time with them in Kuwait and simultaneously started working for her passion. By leaps and bounds, she had been known as one of the renowned fashion and beauty bloggers among media and society at the time.

A law student becomes a star

With the achieved goals so far, Sonia Ali started social media to help people through her tips and work for fashion and makeup. She collaborated with her sister Fyza Ali, the founder of buffing technique, on social media, specifically on instagram. In fact they both sisters were the first & one in the middle east region at the time using any social channel for their work promotions.

Hence their popularity was on the top and most of the celebrities started contacting Sonia and Fyza for their work. Considering her career by the time, Sonia moved to Dubai with the vision to achieve more in her life. She has been in the industry for several years and giving a new hope to the women through her fashion and beauty techniques collaborating with her sister.

Instantly with a very young age, Sonia Ali (24 years old) has marked her name in the fashion & beauty industry with her outstanding work and at the time she is giving a tough competition to other celebrities.