Microwave Oven V/S OTG Oven: A Quick Comparison

Ovens are one important kitchen appliance in cooking meals. Whether it is microwave or OTG, they play an important role in the health and well-being of a family. Both these appliances look and do similar functions, yet they stand different from one other.

In this article, we will be exploring the meaning and difference between two home appliances.

Meaning of OTG and microwave oven

OTG stands for oven, toaster, and grill. OTG is a compact version of the traditional oven. It is used for heating, cooking, baking. The oven uses a heated coil to cook or bake the food evenly. This type of oven is considered economical because they require minimal setup and less electricity.

On the other hand, we have a microwave oven, the most common home appliance found in almost all kitchens. This type of oven uses a microwave to heat or cook food. Microwave with a convection feature can be used for various purposes such as cooking, baking, and grilling. Food usually takes less time to cook in a microwave oven and thereby consume less energy.

Difference between microwave and OTG ovens

The visible difference between these two appliances is the size. OTG oven is compact and small in comparison with a microwave. OTG oven needs little or no setup to start with the cooking process. Though both the appliances are used for cooking the same type of food; they differ in the way of cooking.

The first important difference between these two appliances is the way they consume electricity. OTG uses electricity to heat up the coil, which is made of nickel or chromium. Once the coil gets heated up, it spreads the heat inside and gradually starts cooking the food. The only issue with this type of heating is that it consumes more electricity and results in uneven distribution of heat.

But in microwave cooking, the appliance uses a microwave to heat or cook the food. The consumption of electricity by microwave is less than that of OTG. A microwave allows for even distribution of heat and enables the food to cook fast.

The next important difference between the two is the time taken to heat or cool down. Usually, OTG takes more time for heating and cooling down OTG takes more time to cook food. Whereas, a Microwave allows for fast cooking as they get heated up in a matter of minutes.

OTG used manually knob for controlling the temperature and time for cooking food, but it is digital in a microwave. A microwave includes a built-in setting for cooking certain recipes, and you need to change the time or temperature for cooking such food.

Overall, both OTG and microwave have pros and cons. The price of both appliances is similar and depends on the brands you purchase.

Bottom Line:

So it is now clear that there is not much difference between the two appliances other than the way of cooking and time took. Pick an appliance that is suitable for your needs by considering the points mentioned in the article.