Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club Reviews

Rabia was gave our presentation and she was perfect at explaining everything. Safa was also a kind staff member who we met who Was very helpful and kind. Thank you all. – Friend Friend

Me and my family had so much fun, we loved the place and it was all thanks to you , you’re an amazing person and a skillful customer service, you helped us so mush you were nice to us even the kids loved you.
I hope im gonna see you again when we came back because we definitely coming back. – By moha 008

Thanks for lifestyle who invited us. I really like the hospitality of Ms. Divya who accompanied us from our way out to hotel until we reached our taxi down. Truly a remarkable experience. Hats off to Divya! – By Ivan Matthew

Jose Louis, Carmella Divya and Mohammed ELSAYED Lion are awesome. Upon arriving in Dubai I was greeted by Mohammed. At first I did not want to hear what he was offering only because I just came off a thirteen hour flight. Only because Mohammed was so nice to me I gave him my ear to listen what he had to offer. Mohammed had arranged for me to be picked up from my hotel to bring me to a presentation.
Upon arrival to the Hilton I was greeted by Carmella who took my information and asked me who referred me to the presentation. Carmella then sent me over to Jose Louis who did an awesome job with his presentation. I did not buy what Jose was selling due to other obligations. If I had to do the presentation again I would definitely buy in the future. Carmella was awesome with providing me with tickets for a dinner cruise.
Divya was awesome with setting me up with transportation back to my hotel. Everyone’s customer service was outstanding I would recommend their services to anyone visiting the area. – By Shawn L

It was a pleasant experience great hotel welcoming staffs and overall had a good time. Thank you to Carmela for assisting us and explaining the gift voucher clearly – By Arshia Seher