Kitchen Torches – Butane or Propane?

Kitchen torches are the culinary tools that chefs can master. However, the trend of brewing, glazing, and giving an authentic finish to food is progressing in the past few years. Welcoming guests on dinner is a big deal; especially, if you are inviting your boss’s family! You need to be extremely careful about little things; the way you present the meals and your behavior has a direct impact on your job. Kitchen torches are of exceptional help for this matter. You can readily finish and enhance the taste of food with the help of these torches.

However, the primary concern is about the kind of torch that you should use. Broadly, two sorts of torches are popular in the culinary business butane and propane. Both of these are excellent and add a slightly different taste to the food. Many beginner cooks have no idea about the kitchen torches; but, they want to explore the variation in culinary arts. These people do not hold a good idea about the accurate use of culinary torches then how can you expect them to judge the right kind of culinary torch?

Kitchen Torch

Butane and propane torches are the most widely used ones. However, the comparison between them is always a debatable topic. Many people prefer butane torches, while many others prefer propane torch. Experts have conducted a study on this topic to acknowledge you about the pros and cons of each torch. To make it easier for you to decide the perfect one for you, let us discuss some significant points related to these torches:

  • Storage properties of these torches

Butane torches are in a fluid state; therefore, these torches are stored in much lower pressure in contrast to the propane ones. The storage of the butane torch highly affects its performance and abilities. The storage of propane torches are in a considerably higher pressure than the butane torches. You have to be extremely careful while storing the butane torches. If you store it in colder temperatures, it has a direct impact on the flames. The flame will not be as intense as it is supposed to be. If you want to be free from storage burden, go for a propane torch.

  • Which one of these is house friendly?

Butane torches have an easy design; therefore, they are more convenient to use at home. Always store an extra canister as you may need to refill them. For using butane torches at home, you can purchase one of the canisters and refill it for use.

  • Are these torches portable?

A butane torch is much more portable than the propane ones. These have a more convenient structure that is easy to carry and hold during operation. The compact structure of the butane torch makes it more portable. You can readily carry a butane torch instead of a propane torch for picnic and vacation.

  • Time taken for finishing

Butane torches take much longer time than the propane torches or Bernzomatic ones. It occurs because of the slow rising and low-intensity flames of the butane torch. The propane torches have a higher intensity as compared to butanes.

  • Food taste and price

Using both the kitchen torches will assign a peculiar taste to food. However, a propane torch operates in a much higher intensity. Therefore, you have to be more careful to avoid the burning of food. Butane torches are slightly cheaper than propane.

We hope you are well-versed with the significant points of these torches. Thank you!