How to Use an Electric Miter Saw

An electric miter saw is one of the best tools that could make extra-ordinary tight-fitting joints on all types kinds of moldings and materials. Wood, baseboards, plywood, etc. you name it and electric miter saw could cut it with ease. However, if you do not use the miter saw in the right way, it is just a useless piece of tool. Here is how to use an electric miter saw in the right way.

Step 1: Select the appropriate type and size miter saw. There are three different types of miter saws, standard miter saw, compound miter saw, and sliding miter saw. The blade size of a miter saw could range from 8 to 12-inches. Select the one that will serve your purpose.

Step 2: Decide how much power you need; different models of the electric miter saws would come with different power ratings. If you need to cut very hard material and if you need a heavy-duty power tool. Then consider purchasing a miter saw with a higher power rating.

Step 3: Once you have purchased a miter saw, you need to set up a table or a stand, in order, to cut the material efficiently. Never, try to cut material on the floor.

Step 4: Before switching on the miter saw, read the user manual. Most of the miter saws are almost the same in their operation and functionality. However, you must read the user manual. This could provide basic knowledge on how to operate the specific model of the miter saw. If you are planning to use the miter saw frequently, then try to understand the different parts of the saw and the purpose of each part.

Step 5: Unlock and release the saw to load the material could be placed on the saw bench and the blade could cut it. After releasing the lock, raise and lower the saw head few times to ensure, there is free movement of the saw head. If you find it hard to raise and lower the head, try to lubricate it to smoothen it.

Step 6: Plug in the miter saw and place the material on the bench. If you are using the miter saw for the first time, start with a small piece of material. Test the saw to know the efficiency and get a feel of how the saw works. Always make sure that you are cutting the piece that is properly. If the material is too small, clamp it properly or else the smaller pieces after the cut could drop or hit your face. Remember to make angle cuts.

Step 7: Make a variety of cuts on the sample piece and understand how the cuts are formed and how you need to move the saw head to make the cuts you need. Once you understand the machine, load a few other stocks and then make some cuts to join these stocks. If you do not know, how to join two or more stocks. Then learn how to do it online or with expert help.

If you cannot make a specific type of cut on the stock, you should read the user manual or google it to find it.