How to Store Sofa Bed Mattress for Longer Time

Sofa bed mattresses are one of the important investments in your home. When you move somewhere or perform the renovation work of your home, you need to store your sofa bed mattress safely. Moreover, you may need to store your mattress when you are not using it to keep it safe. As it provides you with a comfortable place to sleep, you need to take appropriate care of it to make it long-lasting. By maintaining a sofa bed mattress, you can use that conveniently for 10 to 15 years. But everyone may not know how to store a sofa bed mattress for a long time. Here are some easy methods to follow to store your sofa bed mattress appropriately.

Clean Your Sofa Bed Mattress Appropriately:

Before storing your mattress, you need to clean it. By cleaning the mattress, you can remove all dirt, dust, odor, and other small particles from it. This way, the mattress can be stored safely for a long time. Out of several cleaning methods, vacuum cleaning is the best option to clean your sofa bed mattress properly. First, you need to sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress and allow it to sit for some time. After that, you can use your vacuum cleaner to clean the baking soda from the mattress. Also, you can use liquid cleaners in the cleaning if you want, but you need to dry the mattress before storing it. Once it is cleaned, you can allow it for air dry for some time.

Cover The Sofa Bed Mattress In Plastic:

Now, you need to cover the mattress in plastic to keep it protected. You can use durable and light plastic sheets to cover the whole mattress and tape them properly. For storing the mattress for a long time, you can also use specially designed mattress storage bags. This plastic cover can keep the mattress dry for a longer time. If you are going to store the mattress for a long time, then you need to open the plastic cover in an interval of a few months to pass the inside air. This way, you can keep the mattress safe from mold.

Keep Your Sofa Bed Mattress In A Covered Vehicle:

If you need to transport your mattress to another location for storing, then you can keep the mattress in a covered vehicle for added protection. If you move it in an open vehicle, then it may get damaged due to dirt, dust, or inappropriate weather conditions. Also, the mattress may get exposed to any sharp object during the travel and get damaged. Therefore, by keeping the mattress in a covered vehicle, you can prevent it from damaging. If you have no option to move the mattress in a covered vehicle, then you can add extra protection to the mattress to move it in an open vehicle.

Don’t Keep Anything On The Sofa Bed Mattress:

While moving the mattress, you also need to ensure that you have not kept any heavy items on it. If you keep any heavy piece of equipment or heavy objects on the mattress, then it may damage the mattress. If you have a small space, then you can keep the mattress on other objects to keep it safe. This way, you can prevent your sofa bed mattress from damaging during transportation.

 Cover The Sofa Bed Mattress In An Additional Waterproof Cover:

For storing the mattress for a long time, you need to apply an extra cover to the mattress for improved protection. Though the plastic cover you have applied in the second step is sufficient to protect the mattress, it may get torn or cracked over time and allow dust and dirt to your mattress. Therefore, you can apply another cover to your mattress to keep it safe for a long time. However, it is optional for those who don’t need a long-lasting solution.

Store The Mattress In An Appropriate Place:

For storing the mattress safely, you also need to check the storage place and ensure that it is dry and ideal for mattress storage. Usually, a mattress can get damaged due to moisture and changes in temperature. So a mattress should not be stored on the basements. To store the mattress for a longer time, you can opt for climate control to keep the mattress dry all the time. Also, a dehumidifier can help you to maintain the quality of your mattress, but it may not be effective for temperature changes than climate control.


Because of several reasons, you may need to store your sofa bed mattress for some time. As it is an expensive investment in your home, you need to take proper care of it to maintain its quality. But it may be a tricky task for you if you are doing it for the first time. So, by following the above steps, you can store your sofa bed mattress conveniently.