How to properly vacuum a car

Most of the people have cars in this modern world. Maintaining a car is crucial part. The outer body of the car can be cleaned with less efforts. However, dirt also accumulate in the interior of the car. It becomes a daunting task to clean the interior. In this article, we will exactly tell you how to properly vacuum your car so that you can have a clean interior of the car too. Below are the key points that help you to vacuum your car perfectly.

  • For vacuuming your car without much hassle, you need to select a best vacuum cleaner in India that is flexible as well as reachable. For instance, you might not be able to suction debris properly from every corner if your vacuum attachment is too short. Consider buying an extension cord to support this. Also, check for all attachments before buying. These attachments are tools that will allow you to clean the cracks, corners, small areas. This is the first step which is crucial.
  • While cleaning your car, always keep all the doors open. This helps you to better access to every corner.
  • Remove any large trash that is present inside car or on mats. It is important to secure your personal items before cleaning. This clears the area for vacuuming.
  • The floor mats are the area where most of the debris tend to settle. So, first remove them and place them in a dry area to clean at last.
  • Always start cleaning from the ceiling. This helps as the dirt falls down and it would make sense to clean top first rather than losing efforts on cleaning the bottom twice.
  • The most neglected parts in the car are display and dashboards. Make sure to brush the screens and vacuum them lightly.
  • Run the vacuum along the seats. These contain trapped hair, dust and other dirt. It is wise to choose slim attachment to reach the nooks and crannies in the seat. While vacuuming, make sure to recline your seat back.
  • The floorboards need to be cleaned thoroughly. This can be done with a brush attachment and ensure to move the seats while suctioning to not miss any area. Repeat the process for back floorboards too.
  • The trunk is also very important area that needs to be cleaned. This needs to be vacuumed in a similar way as the interior of the car working from top to bottom.
  • Final step is to clean the floor mats. Shake the mats and vacuum them making sure to work in small areas. Check thoroughly before placing them back in the car.

These are the steps to follow to vacuum your car perfectly.