How To Fold A Baby Stroller Properly [Step By Step Guide]

It is simple to fold & store, is lightweight, and has a small overall footprint. The one-of-a-kind design stroller makes it easy to move from car to airport or airline to hotel, eliminating the need to dismantle and reassemble the stroller each time.

Here are simple steps to fold a baby stroller

Baby Stroller

Step 1

Firstly, to fold the baby Stroller, the child tray must be removed from its present position. Squeezing the tray handle in and dragging it forward to free it from its position is a simple process. The stroller can now be folded in half by pressing down on both levers on either end of the stroller at the handlebars, which are located near the wheels. Once you have slid the levers down, they will automatically lock into place.

Step 2

Lift both edges of the seat before folding or unwinding it, rather than just one edge at a time, to make the operation easier. This will ensure that the tray never becomes entangled with anything as it is being closed or opened. Remember to keep your grip on the tray and avoid putting it down, since doing so will lead to the pram folding right back without even being secured into place while doing so.

Step 3

By pressing them together after they click into place, the final step ensures that both the levers are securely fastened. As a result, the stroller will not open or close on own and will remain locked in place when folded.

Expert tips of folding a stroller carefully


When you initiate the process, make sure the child is away safely from the stroller so that their fingers do not become trapped between the wheels.

Make sure the stroller is dry

Always fold and store a stroller that is not wet or moist. This can lead to mold or mildew growing on the stroller. To begin, wipe it clean with a cloth or allow it to air dry outside.

No impediments

 Fabric or straps may protrude from the stroller, preventing it from collapsing. Could it be that you forgot to put something back in the basket somewhere under the buggy? Remove any obstacles that are in the way and try again.

A frame that is warped

Metal catches that have been twisted or a bend in the frame may prevent the stroller from folding. Whereas the stroller is unfurled, use pliers to straight out any metal catches, and straighten the framework while the pram is folded.


Stroller joints and latches can sometimes become stuck, especially if the stroller is kept outside in a shed or on a patio. Lubrication is essential. To get them functioning again, apply lubrication to the joint. Check the user guide of the stroller, or use WD-40 to remove stubborn stains.

Don’t try to force it

 Maybe there are occasions when your stroller will not fold completely. Don’t try to force it; instead, return it to the store. Attempting it to close can result in damage to both you and your stroller.


Folding a baby stroller is indeed an art, and you’ll become more proficient at it with time. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, finding the release buttons and collapsing your stroller will be a snap. This is an essential aspect of stroller ownership to be able to store and travel it with ease.

Because every stroller is different, you may need to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific model. Make careful you accomplish this rather than relying on guesses. Follow these expert tips today and easily fold and unfold your baby stroller.