How To Choose a Paper Shredder for Office?

Many businesses today are turning towards the paper shredders to get rid of paper and secure the high-security documents. Using the shredder in business helps the businesses to remain safe and take care of confidential documents. It protects companies against theft and other crimes.

Shredders are also modernized today as per the requirement, so it is simple and easy to use. It contains many useful features to boot. You have to understand some of the features the shredders have to offer to choose the best paper shredder for your office.

Selecting the level of security

There are shredders available at varying security levels. So choose the one that suits your needs and shred away the papers with the shredders.

  • The low-level shredder

The strip-cut types of shredders are useful for disposing of the not–so- secure documents. The strip-cut shredders cut the paper into large strips of paper. The shredder is less expensive than the other types of shredders.

  • The mid-level shredder

The cross-cut paper shredder is a type of mid-level shredder. It provides a level of security than the strip-cut type of shredders. The cross-cut shredders are also called confetti shredder, as it is difficult to retrieve data from the paper once it is shredded.

  • The high-level shredder

The micro-cut shredder is a high-level shredder. The highly sensitive and confidential documents can be destroyed with this type of shredder. The standard size of paper is reduced to 2000 paper pieces, so it is impossible to retrieve the data from the paper. So for large business purposes that require high-security shredding, you can use this type of shredder.

Selecting the features

  • The speed

The speed of shredding is essential in the shredders. If you have many papers to shred each day, then it cannot be very easy for a low-speed shredder. So the speed of the shredder is important for effective and efficient shredding. Look at the amounts of paper you shred every day and select the suitable shredder for your office.

  • The power

A paper shredder with more power is a waste when you only use it sometimes a week. There are personal shredders that are particularly designed to meet the demands of one person. There is the general use shredder, which is useful for an office atmosphere and also the commercial shredders powerful enough for shredding paper used by more than ten people.

  • The anti-jam technology

Sometimes the shredders are subject to paper jam issues. So there are anti-jam features in the shredder for preventing the problem to a minimum. If you shred paper a lot, then this feature is essential; therefore, purchase a shredder that contains this feature for your office use. The shredders with jam-proof are a benefit for office use as the paper jams take some time to resolve.

  • Price

If you do not want to spend more money on many shredders, then wisely choose the high-level shredders that come at reasonable costs. There are many options available.

These are some of the points you need to keep in mind if you like to choose the best shredders for your office use.