How To Choose a Meat Slicer – Buying Tips

There are several meat slicers available in the market, and everything is not the same. This is possibly the first thing you should know before purchasing a meat slicer. The commercial meat slicers are available in different rates, shapes, and sizes. Therefore, depending upon these factors, you can select a meat slicer that best suits your needs. Further, if you are going to purchase a meat slicer, you can see the complete buyers guide here to choose the best.

The Suitability

As previously seen, there are different sizes in which meat slicers are available. If you are a restaurant owner or a homemaker, then the size of the meat slicer differs. Depending upon your cooking needs or the quantity of meat, you can choose the size of the meat slicer. In large restaurants, they may slice tons of meat in one day, and only the large slicers are suitable for them. However, for household needs, you need a small and compact slicer. Moreover, if you use the slicer frequently, get a slicer that handles more work. If your slicing need is very low, then you can choose a low priced meat slicer.

The type

If you have a specific purpose, then the meat slicers are categorized into three types.

  • Light duty

The light-duty meat slicers can only handle a low volume of work. Specifically, it can be said that daily you can perform one hour of slicing work. With these slicers, both tender meat and vegetables can be sliced. However, frozen meat or hard cheese cannot be sliced in this appliance.

  • Medium duty

These are known as an intermediate slicer that is suitable for several hours of slicing work. This slicer is preferred to slice for a variety of meat. However, it is not preferred for heavy-duty as there are possibilities of the blade getting strained. Moreover, only for 30 minutes, you can use it to slice cheese.

  • Heavy duty

These heavy-duty meat slicers are designed for large restaurants and butcher shops. This slicer is very famous as it is made with high-end slicing technology. The power option available in this type of slicer is electric, automatic, and manual power. The electric slicer comes with the turbocharger technology that performs 60 slices per minute. These slices are expensive, but for speed and saving time, the heavy-duty slicer is suitable.


The blades are the most important part of any slicer. If you are buying a meat slicer, then the topmost thing is to choose a slicer with stainless steel blades. Only the stainless steel blades come with the rust-resistant technology and have an inbuilt sharpener.


To select the size of the blade, you should think about the volume of food. The available blade size starts from 8, and the last size is 14.


Safety is the priority when using a meat slicer. You can wear goggles to avoid meat pieces entering the eyes. Moreover, purchase a slicer that has non-slip rubber feet that keep the machine steady.

By considering the above features, you can choose the best meat slicer.