How to Choose a Good Car Vacuum Cleaner

To keep your car in good condition, regular servicing is essential. However, keeping the interior of your car clean is also an important duty. Dirt inevitably gets into your car and gradually builds upon the floor, seats, crevices and other areas of your car. Cleaning the interior of your car is swift and efficient when you use a car vacuum cleaner. A car vacuum cleaner is specially designed for cleaning the car. The device sucks dirt and dust particles from seat upholsteries, carpet, walls and floor. A pressure washer cannot be used for cleaning the car’s interior because water sprayed from a pressure washer will damage the adhesives present on the wall linings, seat and other parts of the car. Thus, a good car vacuum cleaner is the best option.

There are many models of car vacuum cleaners in the market. Some of the factors which should be taken into account to choose a suitable model have been discussed here.

vacuum cleaner

Suction power

The suction power of a car vacuum cleaner determines its ability to remove even stubborn dirt particles. Higher the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, greater will be its efficiency in cleaning. The large difference in suction power between two models is reason enough to pick the one with a higher power. However, if the difference is not much, then the performance is not much different.

The suction power is measured in amps in corded vacuum cleaners and in volts in cordless vacuum cleaners.

Corded or Cordless 

Corded car vacuum cleaner needs to be plugged into a wall-mounted power source. This type of vacuum cleaner has a very high suction power and can remove deeply lodged and tenacious dirt and dust particles. However, a corded car vacuum cleaner requires an external power source to work.

Cordless car vacuum cleaner runs on rechargeable batteries. This type of vacuum cleaner is highly portable because it can be used even when there is no power source available. It also gives a lot of freedom of movement during the cleaning process. The cordless car vacuum cleaner must have a battery indicator so that you come to know immediately when the battery is low. The suction power of cordless car vacuum cleaners is lesser than a corded model.


The car vacuum cleaner must be able to pick up even minute dirt and dust particles efficiently. Hence, the quality of the filter must be good. To this end, the experts recommend car vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters.

Tank Capacity

The dirt particles sucked by the car vacuum cleaner go into its tank. The tank needs to be emptied from time to time as it becomes full. Thus, it is better to go for a tank with enough capacity to eliminate the need to empty it frequently. For light cleaning, tank capacity of 2-6 gallons is sufficient while for heavy cleaning, tank capacity of 8-14 gallons is recommended.

Wet function

Car vacuum cleaners remove dry dust and dirt. But multifunctional vacuum cleaners are also available which can clean the wet mess as well. If your car interior frequently gets wet due to spills, it is better to opt for a car vacuum cleaner equipped with wet function.