How To Buy The Best Spin Mop

Cleaning the floors is a tedious task, and it requires more effort and time. Traditionally, people used to mop the floor with a damp cloth. This includes a lot of time and effort in work. Later they use mop sticks to clean the floor. Now, for more convenience, spin mops are in use. They are reliable and effective cleaning tool.

There are two parts to the product. One is the rotation mop, and another is the bucket. The stick that you place in the bucket absorbs the water and by rotating it can release the excess water and makes it easier to clean the floor. In this article, let us see the features to consider when you purchase a best spin mop and the pros and cons of it.

spin mop

Features to consider while buying a spin mop

The following are the features that you need to consider while buying a rotation mop:

  • Durability: Most of the twist mops last for two years. Select a suitable one that has more life.
  • Bucket design: Ensure to select a bucket with sturdiness so that water does not splash while spinning the mop.
  • Mop fibre: Choose microfiber material or yacht type for the twist mop. For better usage, choose a model with refill fibre.
  • Cleaning surfaces: Select a spinning mop that can clean the surface of your floor tiled, wooden, or textured.
  • Degree of cleaning: Choose either 360 or 180 degrees of rotating mop as per the requirement.
  • Wheels: Choose a bucket with wheels so that it is easy to move from one place to another rather than lifting the bucket.

Pros and Cons of Using a Rotation Mop

The following are the pros of using a rotation mop.

Less physical effort: Comparing to the traditional way of cleaning, the user need not bend down and clean the floor with a damp cloth. Also, no need to carry the bucket of water as the rotation mop bucket consists of wheels to move.

Saves water: Using a rotation mop saves a lot of water and helps the environment.

Easy to wash: The user can remove the dirty water and clean the bucket easily.

Versatile: Twist mop cleans all the areas. It is easy to clean even the areas where your normal mop stick cannot reach. Also, you have the control of how much to wet the mop stick.

Easy to maintain: It is very easy to maintain and efficient to use.

The following are the cons of using a rotation mop:

  • If you have purchased a low-quality product, then it might get stuck or damaged on using.
  • The life of the product depends on its durability.
  • It is expensive than the normal cleaning stick.

Always check on the reviews on the selected brand and then purchase. If the bucket is of low quality, then it lasts for a few months only. Choose a brand that has additional refill fibre. Currently, there are models with more accessories to attach whenever required.

Comparing to the normal sticks, the rotation mops are expensive. But comparing to the work and effort involved, it is very convenient to use the twist model.