Health Insurance in Dubai: Importance and Benefits

It has been months since Dubai Health Association (DHA) has mandated the compulsory health insurance in Dubai for all the citizens, residents, and non-working individuals under the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP), providing affordable and sustainable health care availability for every stratum of people. Having various renowned hospitals participate in the program, this measure seems not to be a friend for the pockets of people from every age group and income level, but also may serve as a very beneficial step in the long run for the country’s healthcare plans. This article deals aims to cover all the benefits of this plan introduced by DHA and also take up the importance of the same.

Having health insurance not only secures a sustainable health care facility in the long run, as nobody knows when an emergency health service is required. The human body does not set a report before it decides to break down in some way, neither can anyone stop living in fear of not having a backup when it comes to financial aid that might be required when they have a medical emergency.

Health Insurance is always a good investment that any individual can do for their well-being, their family’s and the close ones who help them in every aspect of life. Health insurances not only save lives but also prepares a shield when unforeseen circumstances can in no way be avoided. EBP is a collaborative effort to make treatment available to every class and mass with health insurance in Dubai. Not only does it cover emergency medical attention that may arise, but also covers check-ups, diagnosis, and tests to avoid such crisis and have early detection to the illness, if any, therefore making it extremely important to have health insurance.

With Medical Insurance secured, people can invest their money in other fields, not worrying about their own emergencies that may arise.

Here is a list of ten benefits that the plans under EBP roll out for the people of Dubai:

  • – The insurance plans are extremely affordable for them to be available to the mass.
  • – Medical coverage is till the maximum of AED 1,50,000
  • – The plans under EBP also cover maternity benefits. It allows six antenatal check-ups for the mother. Even the newborn child is covered under the insurance of the mother for 30 days after birth.
  • – The hospital networks that are participating in the program are strongly connected and have a good standard of medical facilities available. The hospitals comprise of both private and public hospitals.
  • – For students and business owners, or any other people who travel a lot, International Health Schemes are available with plans of every range in cost and coverage.
  • – EBP is mandatory to be provided by the employer and the amount cannot be deducted from the salary of the employees. Deducting the sum from the salary is illegal and can be reported immediately to the officials.
  • – The plans under EBP have maximum medical coverage compared to the other medical insurance available in Dubai at that price.
  • – It does not only cover the cost of surgeries but also mostly cover the medicines and test pre- and post-surgery.
  • – The plans are mostly on co-payment rates, with 10, 20, or even 30 percent payable by the insurer.
  • – EBP also covers Special Treatments such as dental treatment and physiotherapy.

The policies offered under EBP ranges from as low as AED 650 to AED 750 and covers as much as AED 1,50,000. As it is made compulsory by DHA to get health insured by 31st December 2019, the results have only seemed to be beneficial for the people of Dubai. DHA has looked at the long run and everyday essential medical needs required by people.

EBP definitely makes quality medical treatment available to all. Considering the high cost of living all over the UAE, making healthcare affordable helped in every aspect of it. Most of the clinics and hospitals that are participating are open 24*7 for every health emergency. The higher management is doing everything to keep the entire process transparent and easy, curbing every unethical entity that might be involved in the process.

CEO of DHIC (Dubai Health Insurance Corporation) stated, “We constantly strive to better the health insurance system. This smart transformation will provide enhanced features and directly benefit insured members and their sponsors by reducing the amount of paperwork needed and provide them with smart solutions. At the same time, it will eliminate any possibility of health insurance certificates being issued by unauthorized entities. It will also hold sponsors accountable at the time of visa issuance or renewal, if they have not provided continuous mandatory cover or if they have not complied with the law.”