Fyza Ali Instagram Star in Dubai – Biography, Wiki, Personal Details

Fyza Ali, the creator of the world wide famous “Buffing Technique, is a reputed and famous Makeup Artist. She is in the headlines these days for her makeup skills and her achievements. Fyza is also known as one of the Instagram Stars and is an influencer to millions of people on social media.

Fyza Ali Before and After

Her Journey following her dreams

Ms. Fyza Ali Dubai was born on 22nd August, 1992 in London, England and pursued her education from London. Since her childhood, she has been very active for makeup and various techniques. She has been doing makeup since she is 15 years old only, although she was very focused towards her education and passion for both. Fyza Ali studied English in the UK but simultaneously she used to do model’s makeup as well.

During her studies, she did makeup for London fashion week models. In fact, Fyza catered Bridal Makeup in the UK for both middle east and south asian women. Steadily, Fyza’s popularity touched the sky and Most of the celebrities and Royal family became her clients. But it was not stopped yet, she joined makeup classes in the Uk to enhance her makeup flaw.

During her makeup classes in 2014, Fyza Ali founded the world famous “Buffing Technique” which is being availed by the Supermodels, Celebrities and Royal Families. After collecting enough fame, Fyza moved to Kuwait to her family and friends but she didn’t leave her passion behind. Indeed, she started using Social Media to promote her makeup work and different techniques. Through her endeavours, she has been added in the Top Makeup Artist List and has been catering to the people worldwide.

Thereafter, Fyza Ali decided to move to Dubai with her younger sister Sonia Ali, A top Makeup and Fashion Blogger and they both left no stone unturned. Fyza and Sonia both started using social media to show their work, new & different makeup looks and to suggest the right product to their influencers.

Fyza always encourages women to try new things with beauty, even though she is very open with her journey on fillers and botox. Fyza says, “Women it’s okay to be enhanced as long as it’s done correctly and safely.”