Football Shoes Vs. Running Shoes: What’s the difference

Both football and athletics are different kinds of sports. However, when you play football, it improves your reflexes and gives you formidable muscles, which comes handy when you take part in a race.

However, running helps in your physical fitness and keeps your cardiovascular system in good condition. Athletics and football are inter-related to each other. However, for both the events, there is a difference between the shoes.

Football Shoes Vs. Running Shoes

How do football shoes and running shoes differ?

Many sports lovers, as well as sports persons, think that shoes do not matter. That’s where they go wrong. You may think there is nothing wrong with wearing football shoes for jogging and vice-versa. But technically, it is neither possible nor desirable to use improper sports shoes. Apart from your daily workout and regular practice, proper shoes are equally essential for the desired results. Hence, it would help if you consider the critical factors for running events and football matches. Here are some of the differences between football shoes and running shoes.

  • Sole Cushioning – Though you find cushioning in football shoes or cleats, it matters more in case of running shoes, especially for your heels. Running also involves repeated shocks or impact to the heel side of your foot. The football shoes have lesser padding towards the heel as you would either run on grass or AstroTurf.
  • Grip – Running shoes do give you strong foot support but not as much as football shoes. When you run on grass and kick the ball hard, you need the shoes that tightly fit your feet. The running shoes need not lock your feet. However, if you are taking part in the track events, you would need spike shoes, which gives the grip to your feet while you run.
  • Studs – The football shoes need more traction as you need to run around the grass that grows on dirt and slippery surfaces. Football is a fast game, and the players have to be on their toes all the time. Hence, as a football player, you would need the shoes with blades, studs, or spikes. In case of running shoes, you would need spikes only on synthetic tracks or grass but not for the cement sidewalk.
  • Breath ability – Though you need breath ability for both the shoes, your legs would need more ventilation when you run for long hours or a marathon. Whereas football or soccer shoes are always breathable, thereby providing your soles with airflow and temperature regulation.
  • Arch Support – The running shoes consists of more exceptional arch support, designed according to the shapes of your feet. However, your feet require substantial protection, irrespective of the form. The football shoes require a lesser amount of arch support.


Running shoe requirements vary from short-distance runner to long-distance runner. The marathon runners would not need studs or spikes for their shoes. The football shoes are manufactured, keeping the requirements of the game in mind, which helps them in precision striking.