Fingerprint Door Locks Advantages and Disadvantages

The invention of the fingerprint door locks has made life secure. The unique attribute of a person that is the fingerprint can be used to identify the person, and this can be used to disallow any other outsider from entering high-security facilities. No two people have exact fingerprints, and that is why the fingerprints are used for the fingerprint door locks. Other then you, no person will be able to enter your home, office, or another place. However, besides the advantages, there are also several disadvantages. Knowing about both sides will help you to know more about it. Here are some of the points given for your benefit.

The merits

  • Security

This type of door is hard to hack as no person will have your fingerprint. The design of the door lock will never permit a person without your authorization to get inside the home or office. This is one of the major benefits of the fingerprint locks.

  • No problem of lost keys

If you have got the habit of losing keys, then it can be annoying to wait. So the only way to keep your home and business life easy is to use the fingerprint locks. It will require a total change of the locks for installing the best fingerprint locks.

  • Hard to override

The biometric lock system is hard to hack. So the robbers will not be able to get into your house or office. No one can easily hack the locks with fingerprint systems. Unauthorized access will not be granted.

  • User-friendly

These types of locks are easy to use also. You need not be techy to use the locks with fingerprint access. The installation process is also quick and easy to do.

The demerits

  • Hard to install

The normal based key replacements are not hard. However, installing fingerprint locks systems is difficult. You will need a technician to set it up all for perfection.

  • Difficult to change

You will not be able to replace your fingerprints, so it is hard to get in your office or home if somebody hacks and changes the locks. In that case, the whole lock has to be changed.

  • Failure in power

The fingerprint needs the power to work. When the power fails, it is hard to use it. One solution for this is also to install a UPS for the machine to work.

  • Expensive

The fingerprint locks systems are expensive in the market. The more advanced the locks, the more expensive it will be.

  • The fingerprint will not be scanned.

The fingerprint locks will not be scanned sometimes because of oil fingers or hurt fingers. These matters can disrupt the machine from not identifying your fingerprint. So these locks have to be used with care; otherwise, the system will get locked, and you need to change the whole system and start again. To overcome this issue, you can also include the fingerprint of your trusted friend or college.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using fingerprint locks. Read through the points carefully to know if the machine suits you or not. It may suit some users, but not all.