Does 3 or 5 Blade Ceiling Fans?

In the case of buying a ceiling fan, what would be your preference? Would you go for a 3 blade ceiling fan or a 5 blade one? This is the most common question from millions of ceiling fan buyers. Most of the people have no proper idea of how the number of blades can affect a fan’s performance. Both 3-bladed and 5-bladed fans have their own advantages and disadvantages. To decide which one is good for you, you have to get information about all the specifications of these two types. You should know how the two types of fans differ from each other. Then you will manage to pick one of them according to your requirements.

3-bladed fans 

The minimum number of blades that a ceiling fan must have is three. The ceiling fans with 3 blades have gathered the customer base in the market over the last few years. Let’s check out all the advantages and disadvantages that a 3-bladed ceiling fan includes.


  • The higher blade speed is an obvious thing that this kind of fan offers you. 3-bladed fans are way faster than the 5-bladed fans. The extra blade speed produces better airflow that helps you to get cooled down easily.
  • You’ll have to spend a much lesser amount to buy a 3-bladed ceiling fan. The price ranges of these fans are more affordable for customers.
  • The dynamic blade balances of these fans make these the perfect ones. Blade balance is also an important factor that determines the performance of a fan.


  • You can’t use a 3-bladed fan in the same room where you have an air-conditioner.
  • The faster blade speed creates an irritating noise that can distract you while doing something important.
  • These fans can’t circulate the air properly in the big rooms. These fans are more likely to be used in small-sized rooms.

5-bladed fans 


  • These fans create much lesser noises than the 3-bladed ones. Due to the lower blade speed, the noise of this kind of fan won’t distract or disturb you.
  • These fans are friendly to be used in large-sized rooms. These fans generally have bigger sizes and better capabilities to circulate the air all around.
  • A 5-bladed fan is more stylish than a 3-bladed one any day. This kind of fan can add up extra visual beauty to the interior design of your room.


  • The price ranges of the 5-bladed fans are comparatively higher than the other options. Many of the customers can’t afford to spend the entire amount at a single time.
  • These kinds of fans can’t generate much faster airflow as the 3-bladed ones do. That’s also a consequence. You can’t cool down yourself after you come back home from outside by turning on a 5-bladed fan.

All over the article, you will find all the advantages and disadvantages of both the types of ceiling fans. Each type has certain benefits. But you also have to bear the consequences too. Now you have to decide your requirements yourself. Decide which of the consequences you can deal with. Based on your decision, choose the right type of ceiling fan among these two types.