Are Subwoofers Bad for Your Car?

Listening to music while travelling is a pleasant experience. You can listen to music because of the speakers that are connected to the music system in the car. Subwoofers are special types of speakers that reproduce low-frequency notes and sounds clear. You may play music softly or loudly. When you have a subwoofer, it would be just right for your ears. The subwoofers transform even an ordinary music system into a great one. There are different types of subwoofers in the market.


Buying subwoofers

You can buy subwoofers for your car depending on

  • Your budget
  • Brand
  • Musical taste
  • Space in your car

How to buy subwoofers

 Certain features are important in a subwoofer. They are

  • Power- You can buy a powerful subwoofer. The output would be good. But, you must note both the RMS rating and the peak performance. A subwoofer with a high RMS rating is preferable. It can give you a consistent output.
  • Frequency range- A subwoofer with a wide range is the right choice. Here, it refers to the lowest frequency that the subwoofer can play.
  • Enclosure type- the subwoofers are usually enclosed in a case. The types of enclosures include- sealed boxes or ported or bandpass enclosures. Subwoofers enclosed in sealed boxes produce deep and accurate sound.
  • Size- You can get subwoofers that are small in size but very powerful. Also, some subwoofers are big and less powerful.

You can choose the subwoofer for your car online or offline. You can also take the help of the experts to choose the subwoofer.

Is subwoofer good or bad for your car?

A subwoofer is good for your car. It will help you to enjoy music while travelling. But, the subwoofer would draw power from the battery in the car. When you have a powerful subwoofer, the power it draws will be high. Sometimes, the power that the subwoofer draws would be very high. The engine would not be able to keep the battery charged. This is a drawback. However, you can add a second battery or an alternator to power the subwoofer. You should also connect the amps using Heavy-gauge cables. This will avoid damage to the wiring.

Another reason why subwoofers are not preferred is that it is believed to cause vibrations to the vehicle. It affects the body panel. It might also cause certain small plastic tabs to break. When you are fixing a subwoofer, get it done by experts. They will install dampening material while fixing the subwoofer. This will reduce vibrations. Also, they will lock the screws well. In such a case, there is no need to worry about damage due to resonance.

In short, you can say that subwoofers are good. It helps you to listen to the music you love while travelling. But, you must choose the type of subwoofer carefully. It would help if you also got it installed by the experts. Then, you will not have to worry that it might damage your car.