5 Best Orpat ceiling fan in India 2021

Ceiling fans are a part of every home and even offices. You might not be aware of the importance of the ceiling fan and how it contributes to your comfort level unless there is a power shutdown on a hot and humid day. The ceiling fans are indeed an integral part of the household that helps to increase the airflow within the space. Unlike earlier times, when there were only a few standard type ceiling fans sold only by few well-known brands you now have ceiling fans in different styles, colours and types that range from cost-effective options to premium options.

Orpat fans

Orpat is one of the leading brands in the ceiling fan market. The ceiling fans sold under the brand name are manufactured in-house. The company is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and is engaged in the manufacturing of a wide range of ceiling fans that are ideal for use in homes and offices. They deliver highly efficient fans that excel in performance, consuming very little energy. When you buy

Orpat ceiling fans, you can be assured that you are buying a quality product. This is because the Orpat group of companies Is an ISO-9001 and 14001 certified company.

The most popular ceiling fan models from Orpat

The most sought after ceiling fan models from Orpat include

 Orpat Air Flora 1200mm ceiling fan

It is a ceiling fan with 3 blades available in three different colour schemes. They are white, off-white, and brown. It features a 14 pole heavy-duty, high-speed motor. The blade length of the fan is 48” it operates at 100-240 volts and consumes 75 watts of power. The RPM of this model of the ceiling fan is 350-400, and the sweep is about 1200mm. The material used for the blade is Aluminium.

 Orpat Air Legend 1200mm Ceiling Fan

This model of the ceiling fan is quite similar in features to that of the Orpat Air Flora range. However, the difference is in the style of the fan. You may choose the one that blends well with the design of your interiors.

Orpat Air Fusion Economy Ceiling Fan

This is a four-blade ceiling fan from Orpat. It features a powerful High-speed motor that promises stronger air delivery. It is a noiseless fan with a blade length of 24 inches. It is designed for wobble-free operations and consumes about 65 watts of power. It is available in three colors, namely, white, off-white, and brown.

 Orpat Air Toofan

It is an elegant, stylish model ceiling fan with 3 blades. The blades are of Aluminium, and it is 48” in length. The air sweep is about 1200mm, and it is powered by 14 poles heavy-duty and high-speed motor. This orpat fan comes under 1500 rs INR.

Orpat Air Max Ceiling Fan

You have at least three different styles of ceiling fans under this category. It includes the DDX-48 inch economy model as well as the 75-watt premium model. They are all decorative and available in white, off-white, and brown colour options.

The Orpat fans pass through quality control and quality assurance measures that extend right from the manufacturing process to the packaging processes that are designed to deliver the best quality product.